Heartfelt Ceremonies & Bay Area Weddings

Just where you are, just as you are and just as you wish.

Heartfelt Ceremonies & Bay Area Weddings

Just where you are, just as you are and just as you wish.

Heartfelt Ceremonies & Bay Area Weddings

Just where you are, just as you are and just as you wish.

Heartfelt Ceremonies & Bay Area Weddings

Just where you are, just as you are and just as you wish.

Your Big Day Should Be All About You and Your Beloved

That’s why it’s imperative to have an experienced professional officiant, one that truly understands how meaningful and magical your ceremony should be. Our all-inclusive services and customizable plans will have you feeling confident and secure.

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8% of revenues are donated to Environmental Causes such as Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, & Daily Acts.

All Inclusive Services

At Bay Area Weddings, we offer a variety of services to serve you. Whether you are marking a loving union with your partner, renewing vows or perhaps a blessing of your new baby, together we will craft a meaningful experience – the one you’ve always dreamed of.

Love has no bounds and neither should your ceremony. We welcome those with deep faith, non-faith, same-sex, different sex and all in-between. We provide light-hearted and relaxed or traditional and formal. From elopements, small and large scale intricately planned ceremonies to last-minute pop-ups at your home, park, winery or beach, we deliver exactly what you want with our unique heartfelt details…

Just As You Are and Just As You Wish!

Hello! We are Heartfelt Ceremonies

Are you preparing to take a very important step in your life? As non-denominational interfaith Ministers, We would be honored to make your vision a reality.

Our in-depth experience and expanded view of the world allows us to help you design unique ceremonial passages and vows that will be cherished for years to come. 

We are well-known for our genuine, engaging and calming energy as well as a good amount of light-heartedness. This is because we truly love what we do! There’s no better feeling than knowing we have helped be a part of something so near and dear. 

We invite you to reach out to us and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

We Care Deeply

Providing a warm and personal touch for your ceremony with an officiant who creates a safe and loving space for your event.

We had initially hired a different Officiant for our wedding, but due to scheduling conflicts, our officiant recommended using Lynnea. What an incredible stroke of luck! Lynnea stepped in without pause and conducted one of the most incredible, heart felt, and meaningful ceremonies I had ever had the pleasure of attending. We felt so blessed and lucky that it was our wedding! Just having her calm, radiant demeanor around us during that nervous preparation was so relaxing. She helped us center ourselves and get ready for the best moment of our lives. We received so many compliments about the ceremony and Lynnea. "It was such a BEAUTIFUL ceremony! Where did you find her?!" With no reservation, we would recommend Lynnea to everyone, wishing to have spiritual guidance in any of the many transitions in life. She truly is wonderful.

Lynnea was wonderful. She was great to deal with pre, during and post phases of the wedding. We did something simple and private, and she happy to accommodate all our requests or make suggestions. We liked her energy and professionalism throughout. I would recommend her to others. Thanks again!

Lynnea did a wonderful job celebrating our wedding. She made us feel comfortable throughout the preparation and came up with creative suggestions to make our guests participate to the ceremony. She also gathered a lot of information ahead of time to make it feel very personal. Lynnea has a natural charisma and was able to keep our guests’ attention despite very noisy kids running around. We deeply appreciated her happy demeanor and professionalism and could not be more satisfied with her work. We received only positive feedback. Our wedding felt very intimate and moving and we have to thank Lynnea for it. I could not recommend her enough.

We wanted our ceremony to feel magical. Lynnea did everything possible to make that happen for us and it was the most magical day ever!! 10/10 stars just isn’t enough.

Marrying my beloved was a high point in my life. By choosing Lynnea as our officiant, we got much more than we had wished for. Our wedding ceremony was a joyous event, and we loved every minute of it! Lynnea did the perfect job as our officiant - hitting just the right tone and timing in a way that was wise, welcoming, gracious, and generous. I consider ourselves very fortunate that she was available, and couldn't recommend her highly enough.

We had certain criteria that was important to us- such as wanting a non-denominational ceremony that still incorporated elements of tradition from the Jewish heritage- and Lynnea nailed it, making it as genuine and non-cheesy as we hoped for. We skyped a few times to go over the ceremony and my husband and I both felt as if we were a huge part of creating this ceremony which was SPECIAL.

Lynnea was a dream to work with. After meeting with a number of officiants who we didn't really "click" with, Lynnea was referred to us and I sent her an email. From our very first communications I could tell that Lynnea "got" me and would be able to create and deliver a thoughtful and meaningful ceremony.

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