Virtual Funerals

Just where you are, just as you are and just as you wish.
​*With the COVID-19 pandemic still going on*

Virtual ceremonies are desperately needed.

We at Heartfelt Ceremonies can cater to all kinds of virtual events like funerals. The need for social distancing makes saying goodbye to our dear ones very difficult.

Virtual funerals are a solution that helps us go through this hard time with grace and heartfelt assistance.

We help you have an interactive and collaborative funeral service virtually allowing up to 500 family and friends to memorialize, eulogize, and celebrate loved ones remotely. With the help of Interfaith Ministers, Rev. Lynnea & Supriya, you plan and co-create the funeral of your wishes. Family, friends and your community can now virtually attend your end-of-life event and help support you during this time of mourning.

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Planning and convening your community for a special memorial can provide much comfort to you as you honor the memory of your lost loved one.

*8% of revenues are donated to Environmental Causes such as Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, & Daily Acts.

​Supriya officiated at the memorial service for my father that we did in my patents home several year ago. She was caring and thoughtful and a wonderful listener as plans evolved. Those characteristics made her instrumental in creating the space that allowed us to put together a service that was true to our unique family, our values, and our wishes. As the officiant she was empathetic, poised, well spoken and it was clear that she had paid careful attention to the stories and background information we had given her. My mom was extremely happy with how she handled it and was grateful for her services. I would highly recommend Supriya in this role.

One never knows the twists and turns of life. When my dear brother Brad died suddenly last fall my family and I were devastated.  After the initial shock, we knew we wanted to honor his life meaningfully. Reverend Supriya was the perfect person to minister us through Brad's memorial service. First, she offered my family her warmth and compassionate understanding. She then began by asking insightful questions about Brad, his life and how our family wanted the memorial to unfold. Supriya beautifully guided us through the service with music, candles, chanting, stories, many sharings and laughter. We felt she was part of our family, and somehow we knew our beloved Brad felt that too. Supriya is a wonderful Interfaith Minister and I highly recommend her.

​Lynnea was our Angel! She listened to all the things we wished to have expressed in our ceremony and held the space for everyone involved to feel comfortable and special at our event. She took the vibration and energy to towering heights and we are SO GRATEFUL for her tender heart and enthusiasm to serve. She did indeed create our VERY SPECIAL DAY! GRATEFUL & INSPIRED.

How it works

The following is from FB, I would re-word it a bit so it’s more of a smooth flowing paragraph instead of short sentences. Describ how your service encompases all their virtual needs so they don’t have to worry-you’ve got it all covered. All empathetically of course. (Don’t include every single step, but more of a broad overview.)

Similar to an in-person funeral, you’ll want to have a list of attendees. If it’s virtual, why limit the guest list at all? The main reason is that the more people you have tuning in, the greater the likelihood of technical issues.

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